Chapter Two

Raphael scanned the skies to his left but nothing. He could hear Vashti scrambling around behind him. She kicked him in his left knee. He called out her name, impatiently. “I got it. I got it,” she said. “It’s just off the starboard aft quarter.” Raphael spun around. He found the big dipper, then the…

Chapter One

An arctic tern stood on one stumpy orange leg on the bowsprit. Above him, hundreds of terns swirled and dived. Raphael could hear the chirping and clicking. Some had small silvery fish or yellow crabs in their blood-orange beaks. Others swooped, the top of their head covered with a highway robber’s black mask, stabbing at…

Two Score, today.

On this day, 40 years ago, August 26th, 1979, my family stepped off a plane at JFK. On the way to our new hometown, Sparta, NJ, my father insisted we stop at the base of the World Trade Center towers. He was awed by the towers. And they were terrific, sure, but, coming from the…


I am resting. Watch. I am fluttering, you follow. Be wise when you chase.


What color are you? It depends on the light, no? Our hooks are in the mud.


Precious is you.Jade, ruby, amber opals.A fiend tugs within.

Work and Sails are Balanced

How my latest work project evolved from a chance fish sighting.

Madonna in Red

On winter nights, the sodium street lamps cast gashing shadows. They scribble on the cobblestones and walls through cables and wires that hang like abandoned nooses. A few restaurants welcome guests but many of the cafes are shuttered. A mist settles on the plastic-framed menus hanging beside the doors. Looking through a window, two local…

Tempting Invite

Wet between your toes Softly walk upon the pond Beware of below  

Passion and Pain

Leaves thrust, firm and new. Breathing with callow desire. Petals rot like flesh.