Zennora is a 1987, 53′ cutter-rigged ketch. She is a Kaufman and Ladd design and one of seven similar boats born in the Mao Ta Shipyard of Taiwan.  She is loosely based on the Skye 51 design but extended by Finya, who bought the Skye molds after they went out of business. (Skye built two 54s; Finya built five.)

I bought Zennora in November 2015 and sailed her from Palmetto, Florida, around the Keys, around Cape Hatteras, arriving in New York in the spring of 2016.

Previously, I lived on and sailed Calliope, a 36′ S2 11.0a.

I have lived with no foundation since 2009. Beyond my interest in sailing, I also work as a journo in the city.

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  1. david moore says:

    Hi im curious which heater unit you use to heat your boat. Great blog P.S. I found your blog while searching about Carbon Monoxide

    1. Mo Tamman says:

      Sorry. I don’t know how I missed this. Anyway, I have a Webasto though many of my friends have been installing the Russian Planar units.

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