Facing Light

A morning in flux. My dreams hang dark and real. Then I am free.    

Let This Vessel Rest

I touched her hull but she barely twitched. “I am tired, hurt, and scared,” she said in a rattled whisper.

She was weighed down by generations of neglect and good intentions. She wanted to it all to be over, to be put to rest. The ice in the Hudson heard her and tried to help, only to be plucked from obliviation by good intentions once again.

Sailboat Sourdough Winter Bread

Bread baking on a sailboat is more efficient using packaged yeast than maintaining a sourdough starter. But if you are looking for efficiency, you are probably not particularly interested in sailing either.


Warmer is the dawn. Still low and south though you are. Sullen chaste for now.  

If I Were King, There Would Be A Few Rules Regarding Gifts

For many years, I have chafed against the endless obligations, and often insincere, tokens of celebration.| This year, my daughter sent me two pieces of coal. (Charcoal actually.) And for the first time in many years, I smiled broadly and without reservation. You see, gifts should be given out of kindness and appreciation and good…

Changing The Subject

In the last few weeks, every conversation started with the wind and cold, moved to the President’s tweets, before returning to the cold and the wind.

But there is hope.

When A Gallon Becomes More Than a Gallon

Someone noticed that diesel had accumulated in an area of my boat where the fuel tanks vents. This does not typically happen when I fill up. So what could cause that? How could a tank be full in the evening and subsequently overflow?

I blame the cold.

New Year’s Day Meals While Nursing a Cold

There is not much to do when the day-time high hovers in the mid-teens and your head pounds, ears throb, throat stings, and joints ache. Best to stay below, read, binge-watch, and eat well. *** Brunch: Leftover Wu Wonton King suckling pig, Swiss chard quiche Six eggs One large onion Leftover suckling pig New Year’s Eve…

On Being Prudish And Nakedness Among Men

When living on a boat and bathing at the marina’s showers, the nakedness of other men is unavoidable.  Often, we are on the same schedule, heading to work at the same time. Day after day of toweling off together has born many friendships. I remember once discussing this, over a glass of wine at a…

Weighted Coin: Spare a Dollar

I once passed out, drunk, resting my head on the curb outside a gas station. I was kicked awake by a Sheriff’s deputy. He sent me home after I explained that I was just waiting for the store to open so I could buy a pack of cigarettes. He could have bundled me into the back…