What color are you? It depends on the light, no? Our hooks are in the mud.


Precious is you.Jade, ruby, amber opals.A fiend tugs within.

Work and Sails are Balanced

How my latest work project evolved from a chance fish sighting.

Ebb and Flood

To the sea you run. I am bound for now and stay. One blue and one green.

Changing The Subject

In the last few weeks, every conversation started with the wind and cold, moved to the President’s tweets, before returning to the cold and the wind.

But there is hope.

Stay Warm and Safe

Here in Jersey City, there was a reminder that severe conditions cause systems to fail, whether tied to the dock or at sea. This boat fire is across the canal from me but it burned hard and fast.  The temperature is around 15 degrees and I suspect that had something to do with what happened. I don’t…

Winter Arrives for Some

Standing on the fuel dock, filling cans with diesel for my heater, as a dozen or so Sunfish tacked to and fro, at the mouth of the Morris Canal basin and the Hudson River. As I loudly cursed my gloveless hands, aching as the wet snow melted on my skin, they filled the grey with…

Around Long Island Regatta Start From My Veranda

More than 70 boats set off just a few boat lengths from Ellis Island Thursday afternoon for the 200-miles race around Long Island. Usually, the race starts off the Rockaways. This year, the start line was in the shadow of lower Manhattan. Thanks to Jim Chambers for a place on the Osprey to watch all…

The awful rise of boat name pun-ditry

Among boats built in the 1990s, the pun name SEAS THE DAY cracked the top 30. It was just the beginning. By the 2000s, the boozy HAPPY OURS and the medical KNOT ON CALL had joined it in the top 30. The next decade saw WHY KNOT added to the top names and why not?

Causation and Correlation: How I Didn’t Die From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

I had a unexplained headache wake me late Friday night. Later, maybe I had a dream or heard an an unexpected noise, but my reflexive brain told my hand grab a spare CO detector, put the battery in, and plant it near my bunk in the aft cabin.