Making The Most Of A Good Thing

Recently, I was gifted a large freezer-bag full of walnuts. Delicious too, all on their own. But there are only so many fists full of walnuts anyone can eat at one sitting. And I got to thinking, how else could I use them, given the provisions I have on board? I didn’t want to make…

Pineapple, Plantain, and Chicken Boat Curry

Five chicken thighs liberally coated in a paste of cumin and cardamom powder, and coconut oil. Sear the chicken on both sides on a high flame. Remove chicken from the pot and return to the bowl where mixed with paste. In the pot, caramelize one large onion, medium chopped. Add five loosely chopped cloves of…

Sailboat Sourdough Winter Bread

Bread baking on a sailboat is more efficient using packaged yeast than maintaining a sourdough starter. But if you are looking for efficiency, you are probably not particularly interested in sailing either.

Changing The Subject

In the last few weeks, every conversation started with the wind and cold, moved to the President’s tweets, before returning to the cold and the wind.

But there is hope.

New Year’s Day Meals While Nursing a Cold

There is not much to do when the day-time high hovers in the mid-teens and your head pounds, ears throb, throat stings, and joints ache. Best to stay below, read, binge-watch, and eat well. *** Brunch: Leftover Wu Wonton King suckling pig, Swiss chard quiche Six eggs One large onion Leftover suckling pig New Year’s Eve…

My Galley. My Hearth.

I don’t mind the occasional drip on my bald patch or the semi-monthly cleaning of the sump as almost every meaningful conversation flows from the food (and wine) which percolates from the hearth.