Around Long Island Regatta Start From My Veranda

More than 70 boats set off just a few boat lengths from Ellis Island Thursday afternoon for the 200-miles race around Long Island. Usually, the race starts off the Rockaways. This year, the start line was in the shadow of lower Manhattan. Thanks to Jim Chambers for a place on the Osprey to watch all…

Following the Moon

We tacked away from the Keys and the ships, toward the Bahamas and into the moon. As is rose higher, the moon fluffed-off the scattered protons of its initial ascent and turned brilliant. We followed a line of moonlight stretching before us, along of glowing peaks of swells and twinkling wind-driven ripples.

Offshore is different

For her part, Zennora was remarkable. With very little sail up, she plowed through, kicking off the waves while often making way at 8 to 8.5 knots. She was barely healing though life below deck was miserable