Tempting Invite

Wet between your toes Softly walk upon the pond Beware of below  

Heavy water

Eight point three pounds. Gallons upon gallons. Displace me now.


Warmer is the dawn. Still low and south though you are. Sullen chaste for now.  

Changing The Subject

In the last few weeks, every conversation started with the wind and cold, moved to the President’s tweets, before returning to the cold and the wind.

But there is hope.

Avoiding Bad Renaming Juju

Last summer, a friend on my dock renamed their boat. We needed a ceremony that properly deflected the bad juju that often comes with a casual re-christening. What we also needed was as many unpronounceable deities as possible.  This is not original. I stole liberally from several online examples. Wikipedia also helped with the names…

Brooklyn Sunrise

Molten on water. Crystals arranged on a breath. A threat for later.