Work and Sails are Balanced

How my latest work project evolved from a chance fish sighting.

Let This Vessel Rest

I touched her hull but she barely twitched. “I am tired, hurt, and scared,” she said in a rattled whisper.

She was weighed down by generations of neglect and good intentions. She wanted to it all to be over, to be put to rest. The ice in the Hudson heard her and tried to help, only to be plucked from obliviation by good intentions once again.

The Weight of a Big Boat Project

Long boat projects can be daunting, especially as a live-aboard. The boat is often in a state of tumult. Dust and debris in the head, in pots and pans, in toothbrushes, hair and teeth. Between the sheets. Sometimes even in dinner.

I will allow myself to complete the work exactly on time. Which will be precisely when I am finished.