Precious is you.Jade, ruby, amber opals.A fiend tugs within.

Tempting Invite

Wet between your toes Softly walk upon the pond Beware of below  

Passion and Pain

Leaves thrust, firm and new. Breathing with callow desire. Petals rot like flesh.

Look Up

Don’t confuse the day With those who see the light. A shadow cast cools.

Heavy water

Eight point three pounds. Gallons upon gallons. Displace me now.


The one word to learn. In any tongue is thank you. Rising from your bunk.

Ebb and Flood

To the sea you run. I am bound for now and stay. One blue and one green.


In a flat I rest. My neighbor, her blooms are fresh. And the rich look down.

Facing Light

A morning in flux. My dreams hang dark and real. Then I am free.    


Warmer is the dawn. Still low and south though you are. Sullen chaste for now.